Dear Finnish summer, don't make me slap you with my flip-flop!


The long-awaited and notoriously short Finnish summer is here! There is a new secret venue to escape the buzz of the city and worship the sun.

LA PLAGE is a restaurant / summer terrace hybrid located in the small island of Mustikkamaa, just 5 km east from Helsinki city center. You can come with your own boat or take the bus.

Our drinks are always cold and our kitchen offers an amazing selection of international cuisine made from fresh local ingredients.

Please note that we are closed on Mondays and open at 5 PM on Tuesdays.


Our menu from Tuesday, August 14th to Saturday, August 18th

Charcuterie plate, 18
Pâté de campagne, home-made fennel sausage, pork rillette, cured capocollo ham


Fish charcuterie plate, 18
Cured salmon, fish egg mousse, shrimp Skagen, cold-smoked pike with smoked mussels


Vegetarian charcuterie plate, 16.5

Forest mushroom salad, heirloom tomato and herb pesto, hoummus, brie cheese & jam


Home-made nachos, 14

w/ chili con carne or chili sin carne, crème fraiche and salsa


Caesar salad, 13

w/ torched salmon +3.5

w/ chicken fillet +3

w/ shrimps +3

w/ avocado +2

w / bacon +2


Pike patty à la Wallenberger, salted cucumbers, and creamed mashed potatoes, 18 


Georgian meat or veggie skewer, khachapuri cheese pie, rice pilaf, tomato sauce, and cilantro dip, 20


Triple-fried fries, 6

Pimp my fries:

w/ Maple-glazed bacon +1.5

w/ pea & parmesan mayo +1.5

w/ mayo +1

w/ pickels +0.5


Finnish cheese plate, 12

Semi-soft cow milk cheese, red mold cheese, white mold cheese with ash, home-made cherry jam, and almonds


Chocolate vanilla strawberry cake, 8


Clafoutis – a French baked dessert with cherries, 7


Our Second Breakfast on Sunday, August 19th


“Bagels & Panckakes”, 18

New York style bagel

w/ cured salmon and creme cheese


w/ tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Maple-syrup glazed pancakes with Finnish bilberries

Freshly squeezed orange juice (upgrade to Mimosa +4)




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